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Silens-Pro Mega®


Looking for a quality goods lift or a goods passenger lift?

If you are a consultant or an architect and are looking for straightforward and well-informed advice on the replacement or installation of one or more goods elevators with characteristics and capabilities such as

  • The transport of goods at a high work rate (drums, crates, trolleys, pallets etc.)
  • The transport of cargo in industrial plants with lift cars built in hard wearing materials to be resistant to collision and denting
  • Adaptability to existing shafts, compact and space-saving
  • The transport of accompanying personnel, safely and comfortably
  • The provision of special specifications, such as extra-robust mechanical systems

Then we recommend the Silens-Pro Mega®. Silens-Pro Mega® is a high performance machine-roomless lift specially designed to handle heavy loads, such as in airports, shopping centres and hotels. Silens-Pro Mega® is a high-added-value solution for sites with significant levels of passenger and goods traffic.

Machine Room-less.

The Silens-Pro Mega® is a lift with a rated load capacity from 1300Kg to 4000Kg and a rated speed of 1 to 1.6 metres/second, which needs no machine room and so frees up available space and building design options.

Gearless motors of the latest generation.

The Silens-Pro Mega® is equipped with a powerful and highly advanced permanent-magnet gearless drive system which is environmentallyfriendly, capable of handling loads of up to 4000Kg and characterised by its reliability, durability and high degree of energy efficiency.

Lifts cars built to last.

We manufacture large-sized lift cars in a wide range of hardwearing and longlasting materials, including plastic laminates and stainless steel in a variety of finishes. The sturdiness of our cars can be further boosted by the installation of aluminium flooring, buffer rails, kick plates and so on, acording to customer requirements.

Ride Comfort & Energy Saving

The Silens-Pro Mega®’s Direct Approach System is supplied as standard, providing passengers with a smooth and precise ride and delivering spot-on car-to-landing stopping accuracy. Both this feature and a major improvement in the lift car braking sytem cut the systems energy consumption.

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A breakthrough in Goods Lifts design

The BOXlift© is a freestanding goods lift, specially designed for goods-only commercial and industrial use, and offers innovative and ground-breaking advantages over traditional goods lifts:

  • The BOXlift© has a freestanding modular structure whose installation requires no major construction work. A self-reliant and independent solution.
  • The BOXlift© requires no machine room, no pit and no major building work.
  • The BOXlift© occupies the minimum possible available space.
  • The BOXlift© is quick and easy to install.
  • The BOXlift© consumes significantly less energy than standard platforms.

 The BOXlift© represents a major step forward from conventional platforms. It is very sturdy, very reliable and very long-lasting, and guarantees the safe and precise delivery of your goods to their desired destination. For more information of goods elevators, please download our brochure or simply get in touch with us. We are always delighted to help.

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