Gibbs Elevators



At Gibbs Elevators it is our aim to provide you with the best product to suit your needs. We will achieve this by giving you a free consultation where we will sit down and discuss with you your exact needs.

Whether you’re a home owner looking to renovate/build your own home or a builder looking to install a vehicle lift in an office block, we will give you a personal and professional service throughout the process.

Our intention is to make the whole installation process as hassle free as possible.

After any installation, we give the client 6 free monthly visits to monitor the lifts performance. Within this period any adjustments necessary for the smooth running of the lift will be made free of charge.

All our new installations come with a 1 years warranty on all mechanical and electrical parts of the lift.

Gibbs Elevators isn’t the biggest lift company in Australia employing 200 staff. It doesn’t even boast 20 staff. It is for this reason that our overheads are at a minimum enabling us to give you a quality product at a very competitive price.

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