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If you are a building owner or manager the decision to modernise your existing lift can be a difficult one. Sometimes it is a simple case of budget and sometimes it is a question of why should I?

Well we can help you.

If you have an old building that is being re-furbished, and the lift or lifts are part of that, we understand that in most cases there is only a minimal percentage of the budget allocated to the lifts. This is why we will sit down and discuss with you how much work is necessary and come up with best solution for you and your budget.

There are several reasons as to “why?” you should modernise your lift.

Most of the elevators in service today were installed in the 70′s or 80′s.  There are even quite a few elevators that are from the 60′s still in service today.  Although 30 to 40 years of service out of an elevator is outstanding there comes a time when faults start to occur. At some point in time the older elevators are no longer supported by the manufacturer.  This creates a problem when trying to track down parts. So once these faults start to happen it can be virtually impossible to find replacements to fix the lift and keep it running.

The end result is a costly emergency repair which does not guarantee a lengthy service from the lift and can mean frequent inconvenient breakdowns.

So, the number one answer to the question “Why should I?” is the age of the elevator.

Modern lift equipment has evolved far beyond the relay logic and early microprocessor controls of the 70′s and 80′s.  Today’s elevators are fast, smart, and reliable.  Elevators are incorporating more advanced technology as the years go by.

New advances in drive technology make it possible for elevators to utilize highly efficient AC induction motors.  This eliminates the need to keep a DC generator spinning while there is no demand on the elevator.  This translates to a considerable energy saving for the building.

And todays controllers can include a regenerative drive system which transforms your lift into an active generator of electric power. Giving you an energy saving of up to 50% of the lift systems total power consumption.

An important reason “Why?” is that older lift installations will not comply to current standards.

Gibbs Elevators will help in the upgrading of old, existing lifts that do not comply with these standards.

If you have recently moved into new premises and are unsure if your lift is fully compliant then we are able to help. We can give your lift a full inspection and assist with any necessary upgrades.

For more information or to request a site inspection contact us today