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Need to install or replace a home lift?
Problems of accessibility or lack of space?

If you are a builder, a developer or an architect looking for the most efficient lift solution for family homes. Or a homeowner who simply wants a lift which takes up little space, is easy to install and increases your property’s value. We are delighted to be able to offer you simply the best solution on the market.

Gibbs Elevators can offer you a wide range of Home lifts to suit your specific needs. We can supply Home lifts ranging from 180KGS rated load to 825KGS rated load depending on your circumstances.

Why move from you’re family home?

Installing our Home lift in your existing building couldn’t be easier. We offer home lift packages to include their own Steel structure so there is no need to alter the inside of your home to accommodate the lift, the structure will simply stand alone on the outside of your home.

With no need to excavate Deep pits for the new lift there is minimal building Works to be done to the property. The Home lift only requires a minimum 100mm pit which is built into the Steel structure.

  • Adapted to the Machinery Directive
  • Optimum use of the space available
  • Minimum pit and headroom requirements – Pit: 100mm, Headroom: 2350mm
  • Low consumption, 230V single phase power supply
  • With or without Cabin doors
  • Self-supporting Structure as an option
  • Speed 0.15 m/s
  • Maximum travel: 15metres
  • With Tresamatic automatic rescue device included
  • With motor containment metal cabinet included
  • Doors: automatic, swing, motor-driven swing

Our Home Lifts are In accordance with Directive 2006/42/EC

Available with different loads:

  • 180 kgs (2 persons)
  • 250 kgs (3 persons)
  • 315 kgs (4 persons)
  • 385 kgs (5 persons)

Planning to build your new home?

If your thinking of building a new house, where space isn’t a problem, We can offer you a larger lift, up to 825KGS rated load.  These are a more conventional design of lift and come with Automatic doors as standard.

As per the Home lift these too can be installed in a Steel structure which can be clad in a RAL colour or glass.


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All our lifts are certificated as compliant with the 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive, EN81-70 for European Market and is certificated as compliant with AS/ NZS 1735, Lifts, escalators and moving walks, Part 18: Passenger lifts for private residence – Automatically controlled. AS 1735 – Lifts, escalators and moving walks – Part 16: Lifts for persons with limited mobility – Restricted use – Automatically controlled.

If these products are not exactly what you need, Contact us and we can design and manufacture the exact domestic elevator required for your project.