Gibbs Elevators

Service Lifts


Gibbs Elevators can offer a wide range of service lifts to meet all your needs. Whether it be in a commercial kitchen, a busy warehouse or in your home we have what you need.

With a rated load of anything between 50KGS up to 300KGS our service lifts can used for almost any application.

The service lift comes in its own steel structure and can be placed in an existing shaft or stand alone and cladded to suit your décor after installation.

There are various door configurations and door types to choose from. With loading from one side or straight through on opposite sides and entries on adjacent sides.

Loading can be at service/kitchen counter top level or at floor level depending on the application needed.

There are so many different configurations of the service lift that it is advisable to get in contact with us and we can guide you through the different models, shapes and sizes on offer and supply you with exactly what you need.

Some examples of service lifts

hingedcombo    bi-part